About us.

Dr. Mathias Wendeborn,
Initiator of REFUDOCS

REFUDOCS e.V. has set itself the task of helping people seeking protection find their way to adequate health. Access to the medical care system in Germany is difficult for these people in many respects. This is where we come in, by removing relevant barriers and, if necessary, relieving local services and institutions.
Shortly after the association was founded, the first project was implemented at the beginning of 2015: medical care in the initial reception facility on the grounds of the former Bayernkaserne in Munich. Existing care structures on site and in the immediate vicinity were overburdened with the care of those seeking protection.

REFUDOCS e.V. created a working environment from scratch that enabled regulated procedures and effective treatment processes. The association thus contributed to the integrative health care of well over 10,000 people seeking protection.
As part of a collaboration with the Bavarian state government and some municipalities, we were repeatedly approached with similar requests in subsequent years - most recently with a contract to provide care for Ukrainian people seeking protection from February 2022.

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REFUDOCS - primary health care for refugees (click to view!)
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Since its foundation, REFUDOCS e.V. has defined itself primarily as a short-term primary care provider. Orderly structures created by the association were deliberately handed over to other providers after a short time. Due to current challenges such as the war in Ukraine and future refugee movements caused by climate change, we ask ourselves whether the medical care of those seeking protection can and should be organized differently instead of being short-term, rudimentary and transitional. After all, many patients, especially among those seeking protection, still find it very difficult to access necessary medical care.

As part of our new Refudocs 2.0 concept, we are therefore now focusing on sustainable, cooperative and detail-oriented care. This is to be rolled out across the board. If you consider such care to be useful in your region, please contact us.

We plan to implement the new REFUDOCS concept in the first regions by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023. The implementation of the concept on site will be free of charge for the parties involved in the care.


Our goals

With a pool of allied medical and non-medical helpers, we promise to

Right patient in the right place at the right time.

We offer medical expertise for diseases that are unfamiliar to us, simplify communication processes and ensure reliability. We network initiatives and associations that have an impact in the field of health. In this way, we shape holistic health - starting from a local REFUDOCSbase.

Initial and continuing care in the sense of a health pilot is possible with us in an uncomplicated way. We ensure that the already limited resources of the health care system are not overburdened. This benefits the local population in particular.

This is how we can help realize the human right to health for as many as possible 

Generally speaking, asylum seekers and refugees often do not come to us voluntarily. They often have to leave their homeland under sometimes dramatic circumstances. They need our support and deserve solidarity. We welcome them and, through our work, create a basic prerequisite for successful integration.


REFUDOCS e.V. is networking to enable holistic health and to facilitate the entry of those seeking protection into a regular life. To all schools, sports clubs, help circles, day care centers, artists, social services and other organizations and institutions that care about the well-being of these people: feel free to contact us!

Every medical or non-medical helper who is motivated and brings useful qualifications can contribute. We are looking forward to a cooperation with many possibilities of creation and realization! Feel free to use the contact form on this website or write to us directly at bepart@refudocs.org.

All helpers and association members work primarily on a voluntary basis. An expense allowance based on hours worked is possible, especially if clients such as the government or municipalities pay for it. In the long term, we are striving for long-term financing through funds or grants.

Currently, all costs of our non-profit association are covered by donations. To achieve our goals, we are therefore more than ever dependent on you.

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REFUDOCS e.V. is a non-profit association!

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